Saturday 22 June 2024

Leadership and management

Leadership and management are both essential for success. While it is beneficial to be a leader who casts a spotlight on others and helps them shine, the skills of management are also crucial in certain situations. One does not need to be bossy or seek the spotlight for oneself; however, the ability to manage tasks and get things done is very important.

Leadership is about managing change, while management is about managing complexity. 

A successful individual can lead through change and, at the same time, manage complexity effectively.

Leadership involves understanding and expanding one's circles of influence by helping others develop similar skills. Management is about knowing how to grow these circles of influence. Both leaders and managers should not focus specifically on circles of concern. Instead, by concentrating on circles of influence, their influence over circles of concern will naturally increase.

Management focuses on creating impact by knowing where to direct efforts. Leadership drives the change needed to achieve that impact.

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