Sunday 9 June 2024

Don't try to solve every problem

Don't try to solve every problem. Make a deal with yourself to live with the challenges that arise from small issues. Accept them and be okay with it. The Stoics have a saying: "Pay the taxes of life willingly and accept them" (Ryan Holiday). This mindset is similar.

Instead of trying to eliminate all challenges, whether big or small, it might be better for our overall happiness to live with the minor challenges that small issues present. Attempting to remove every small issue can actually lead to continuous discontent.

Dan Harris, in his podcast "20% Happier," discusses the idea of not trying to solve every problem, suggesting that we can find greater peace by accepting small challenges rather than constantly fighting against them.

If we accept and live with these small challenges, rather than constantly trying to solve them, we might find ourselves happier. They cease to be problems. 

And, when only big problems remain, it's easier to focus on and address them, rather than treating everything, big or small, as a problem. This prevents our attention and capacity from being overwhelmed.

Choose which problems are worth your attention and simply accept the rest. 

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