Wednesday 19 June 2024

Agonizing about a decision is often worse than the outcome of that decision

If you find yourself second-guessing and constantly overthinking, consider that the time you spend agonizing is due to the impossibility of predicting the future. Since we cannot predict the future, the best way to progress is to act now, then reflect and adjust, rather than trying to pre-decide everything. Courage beats confidence.

Instead of waiting to make a perfect decision before acting, take a small step forward, learn, and course-correct as you go. This approach is an antidote to overthinking and becoming stuck worrying about possible future outcomes.

However, this should not be confused with imagination or visualization, which are powerful tools for channeling optimism, boosting motivation, and achieving flow states.

Secondly, if a decision takes too long to make, it might be easier to conclude that it’s not right for you. Adopt the mindset of “it’s a hell yes or a no.” However, be sure to make the criteria for saying YES broad enough. Beyond that boundary, automatically say NO. Make the decision simple and automatic. Make it clear so you don't have to spend precious energy deliberating.

For less critical decisions, I would even recommend you consider using a simple coin flip to decide which way to go. Of course, do not do this for life-or-death decisions.

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