Monday 10 June 2024

Energy and enthusiasm are often better than expertise alone

Show up with the right attitude to increase your chances of succeeding in any situation. Many aspects of life, such as the rules we follow in society, lie beyond our control. Some rules are straightforward, like traffic signals, while others are complex, such as tax regulations. However, you need not become a prisoner to these uncontrollable factors. You can control the attitude you bring to most situations.

If you show up with a high-energy attitude, optimism, and agency, you set yourself up for success. Although the degree of success may vary, it will likely lead to more positive outcomes.

Nietzsche referred to this idea when he said, 

"If you have a strong why, you can bear almost any how."

A strong why need not be an esoteric purpose; it can also be action oriented.

  • It can be the clear, rational optimism you hold.
  • It can be the unrushed and focused energy you bring, and
  • It can be the consistent, yet not inflexible schedule you adapt.

Your attitude is like a horse that either needs to be reined in or needs to be prodded.

It is better to have the former.

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