About Me

My name is Anand Rao.

I work in the area of brands, strategy, and innovation, with a focus on futures and scenarios. I have been blogging at different locations since early 2005, but Canvas is my first focused attempt at using the blogging platform for writing.
I live in Singapore, where I moved to in 2015. I work as a strategy practitioner and consultant at Accenture,  which is one of the leading professional services firms in the world.

I am originally an Electronics and Communication engineer by training - I started my career in the manufacturing industry. Over the years, I have also worked in the media industry and in marketing research.
I have an MBA in Product Marketing and Management from S.P Jain Center of Management
I religiously follow of all things economics, geopolitics and history. 
I have lived and worked in Singapore, New Delhi, London, Mumbai, Dubai, and Bangalore.
I am @anandvrao on Twitter.
You can reach me on email: anand.rao5@gmail.com 

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