Thursday 30 May 2024

An antidote to being frantic

In today's frantic world, we find ourselves rushing from things to things. This leads us to become frantic. This frantic life is leading to a sense of overwhelm. We need to overcome this.

We are constantly trying to speak and get our points across. We do not listen to what others are saying, we just nod along to what people are saying without really paying any deep attention. We consume and see a lot of things. But none of it is retained because we are not observing. Not taking the time to make sense of what we see. We are drowning in so much noise. Even when we take notes, we end up just scribbling. It is unintelligible and right after taking notes, we can hardly understand what we have scribbled.

A change in perspective is needed. To reduce overwhelm, and to become less frantic consider SLOW.

SLOW stands for:

  • Speak. Don’t just talk
  • Listen. Don’t just hear
  • Observe. Don’t just see
  • Write. Don’t just scribble

The biggest gains for me come when I write slowly and legibly. It unlocks new insight and creativity. It provides clarity and contributes significantly to reducing the sense of overwhelm.

Psychological hungers make us seek certainty, stimulation and recognition. The need for stimulation might be the reason why we end up doom scrolling on our phones instead of engaging with some content that we enjoy. It is just seeing rather than observing. The need for recognition leads us to try to talk and make ourselves heard instead of speaking sparingly in a measured way and listening to others. The need for certainty, leads us to scribble down everything we hear and avoid missing anything. But we drown in the noise and miss the actual signal.

All these behaviours might satiate the short-term imbalance in our psychological hungers. But by implementing SLOW, by giving time and being present, we end up getting higher quality nutrients to satiate our psychological hungers.

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