Thursday 11 July 2024

Motivation checklist to overcome work anxiety

If you are anxious at work, overthinking, and unable to make a decision, here are some ideas to help you get over the nervousness, focus, and move forward:

  1. Start: Take one small step on anything, even if it is not critical.
  2. Don’t expect conditions to be perfect: Start before you are ready.
  3. Remember, work usually gets done: It's very unlikely that you will be cross-examined right now. Just start and then try to delegate.
  4. Nobody is thinking about you: In fact, everyone is thinking about themselves.
  5. Stop building “if-then” scenarios in your mind: Don’t make maneuvers or think about doing them. Take action. If you must build 'if-then' scenarios, write them out. When you see them, you'll realize how absurd they are.
  6. Remind yourself that you can handle it: When fear takes over, reassure yourself that you can handle it. You don’t need to know how; just be confident that you will manage.
  7. Think long-term about consequences: If you know what action to take but are worried about the consequences, consider the long-term perspective. Soon, this issue will no longer matter.
  8. Cultivate luck and take risks: Take that risk. What's the worst that can happen?
In summary, get out of your mind and start taking action.

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